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Typhoons, Hurricanes, and Cyclones

  1. List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (–) - Wikipedia
  2. Tracking the Literature of Tropical Weather
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True story of the Confederate submarine Hunley, which became the first sub to sink a ship when it destroyed USS Housatonic in Charleston Harbor in Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin. Sean Connery is the Soviet sub commander, who is up to something Oscar winner for sound effects editing. Torrey is romantically involved with nurse Maggie Haynes, and also tries to restore his relationship with his estranged son, Jeremiah, a young Naval officer. Dir Otto Preminger. In Which We Serve is a stunning and emotional piece of film making.

Coward himself played the Montbatten role renamed, Kinross for the film. For those of you used to seeing Noel only in high comedy, this film is a revelation. Sir Noel won a special oscar for the screenplay. The film version of the legend of the golden fleece. With Todd Armstrong and Nancy Kovak. Special effects by Ray Harryhausen. Robert Stack as the short, slight, sandyhaired Scotsman?

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Oh well. Dir Charles Frend. Film noir. Rita Hayworth, Orson Welles and a fateful yacht trip. Filmed aboard Erroll Flynn's Yacht Zaca. Directed by Orson Welles. An extraordinary tale of survival at sea in a small boat. Merchant seamen on shore leave get drunk and have adventures. Brilliant photography by Greg Toland. Prohibition rumrunners. On the west coast of Ireland, the indigenous people battle mother nature simply to secure a modest living for themselves and their families.

The Navy will never be the same after Captain McHale and his ragtag band of bumbling misfits are called upon to defend the base of San Ysidro Island from an evil terrorist bent on world domination. With non-professional cast. Dir David Macdonald. John Ford film about a crew that awaits rescue about sunken submarine S Directed by Jack W.

English semi-documentary about the Merchant Navy, made for patriotic purposes during the war. It's of interest for historical purposes only, and for one of the few film scores by classical composer and conductor Constant Lambert includes set pieces such as Convoy in the Fog and The Attack. Life aboard a World War Two cargo ship yearning for action. Twelve men are trapped in a sunken submarine, but only eight can escape.

The British title was Savage Islands. A tough sailor bets his pals that he can win the love of a prissy librarian and so masquerades as a candidate for the Naval Academy to catch her eye. Big budget TV mini series. Charles Farrell played the young sailor and Esther Ralston played his love interest.

Hemingway's classic tale of the sea, wonderfully done for the big screen. Moving story of a U. As the radioactive residue closes in, the captain Gregory Peck and crew must decide whether to go back home.

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List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (–) - Wikipedia

Based on the novel by Nevil Shute. Under John Wayne's leadership, the submarine Thunderfish fights the Japanese and rescues nuns and children. Admiral Charles Lockwood, the commander of submarine operations in the Pacific, served as technical advisor. Comedy about a damaged World War II submarine seeking a yard for repairs. Along the way, it takes on five stranded Army nurses and is painted pink the only color the crew could find. Stars Cary Grant and Tony Curtis.

Dir Alexander Korda. Earl Jellicoe is credited as technical adviser. The adventures of s Key West salvagers. The movie manages to capture the spirit and ambience of Erskine Childers' novel, and, remained remarkably faithful to the book. This adaptation of the best-selling novel by former sub commander Ned Beach also stars Don Rickles.

Tracking the Literature of Tropical Weather

Popular comedy about a Soviet captain who unintentionally provokes panic among Maine locals while seeking a tow for his grounded submarine. The tale of tanker on a return trip to Galviston, Texas. On a river in China; prewar US Navy. The engine in question was salvaged from a Vancouver based whalecatcher, taken down to hollywood, and when necessary turned over using compressed air. Rock Hudson, Yvonne de Carlo. Based on Victor Hugo's novel Toilers of the Sea.

Filmed partly in Channel Islands. Robert Logan. A man and his three children set off to sail around the world, and are shipwrecked along with a female journalist on an Aleutian island. This picture was based on Sir Francis Drake, and the English seadogs.

WWII mix of romance, religion and racism as four survivors from a ship torpedoed during the fall of Singapore make it by life raft to a desert island. Rossellini was the original director but handed over to Paul Crosfield. Adaptation of Jack London's adventure novel about the survivors of a shipwreck who are rescued at sea by a brutal captain who tortures them and breaks their spirit. Not the Jack London story. He will take any job, no matter how suspicious the circumstances.

Short documentary directed by Stanley Kubrick with narrative by 'talking head' Dan Hollenbeck. Stanley Kubrick's first feature made in colour - extolls the benefits of membership to the Seafarers International Union. Not well known. Filmed on various US navy vessels around Catalina but nominally set in the Mediterranean. Dir John Ford. Sinbad after the treasure of Alexander the Great, pursued by evil sorcerers and monsters. Kerwin Mathews. Sinbad after the magic lamp, pursued by evil sorcerers and monsters.

Golden Voyage of Sinbad. John Phillip Law. Sinbad after the secret of the golden map, pursued by evil sorcerers and monsters. Written, produced and special effects by Ray Harryhausen. Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. Patrick Wayne son of the Duke. Sinbad delivering a bewitched prince, pursued by an evil witch and monsters.

Written, produced, and special effects by Ray Harryhausen. Dir Alexander Shaw. Slavery on the high seas in The screenplay was originally set in the British navy but after Pearl Harbor, was hastily rewritten and Americanised. Dir Robert Z Leonard. William Holden is a Korean War submarine commander who is haunted by his memory of the last day of World War II, when, as an exec, he saved his boat by crash diving while the captain was on the bridge.

Hokey yarn about submarine that fails in its attempts to warn Pearl Harbor of the impending Japanese attack, then sinks one of the carriers that launched it. Based on Dougal Robertson's book, which told the true story of his family's ordeal in the Pacific.

Fleeing from Napoleonic oppression, the Robinson family get shipwrecked and marooned on an island. Gary Cooper stars as Jonathan L.

2-Mar-1892 › Page 8

Scott, the patriotic naval tactician. From the popular best-seller by Herman Wouk. Dir Edward Dmytryk. Dir Robert Altman. By the time this film came to be made, the Admiralty had got rid of all its corvettes; finally one was located in Malta - the Coreopsis, which had been on loan to the Greek navy. Dir Rudolph Mate. Dir Joe Kane. Dir Carol Reed. Dir William Berke. Dir Jerry Hopper. Dir John Baxter.

Dir Roy Baker. Dir Roberto Rossellinir. John Ford's poetic adaptation of William White's book about a PT boat squadron in the South Pacific during World War II may be the best feature film on the war in that theater and is considered by some scholars, including British director Lindsay Anderson, as Ford's greatest work.

Spectacular special effects set amidst the backdrop of one of the most tragic events of the 20th Century; one of the greatest Hollywood spectaculars of all time. Glenn Ford is a submarine commander who is forced to sink a Japanese transport carrying American prisoners and his own family because it was being used to shield an aircraft carrier. He then seeks his revenge. Ernest Borgnine also stars. Dir Kajiro Yamamoto. Kirk Douglas, Peter Lorre, James Mason; Victorian scientists at sea are wrecked and captured by mysterious captain of a futuristic submarine.

Cloth cover, gilt device on front cover, gilt title on spine, dj. New Holland. Title page: A Spanish Dancer. Near fine. Louis, USA.

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A war presentation of Japan at the onset of the Pacific War. What are the Japanese people like? They are, like most Asiatics, a rice-eating people Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. Introduction by Vic Locke, Commodore. National University of Singapore. Fp watercolour : La Pagode des Dames. Card covers with illustrated dj watercolour. French text. Large format: Foreign Languages Press. Batchworth Press.

Among Typhoons And Pirate Craft Full Audiobook by Lindsay ANDERSON by Non-fiction Audiobook

Fp: The Company's and other flags flown in Eastern waters in colour. Cloth cover. The merchantmen fleet of the Honourable East India Company. The men and their ships, life on board, the Indiaman's sailors, the Company's flag, the voyages, some of the fights against the Dutch, the French and pirates.

Pages 36 to The heart of Mauritius, by Ron Crittall. Pages 50 to The magic of Macau, by Lee Mylne. Pages 54 to to The Maldives: serious paradise, by Martin Kelly. Pages 61 to Get active in Fiji, by Jack Butters. Fp: The manuscript of Navarrete's Controversias title-page in his hand. Fp: The Observatory at Peking in Cloth cover, gilt device on front cover, dj spine browned. Travels around the world to the Philippines and China via Mexico. His treatise on the Monarchy in China is a compendium of contemporary knowledge of this country. Little, Brown and Co. Hard cover, dj. Wolters-Noordhojj Atlasprodukties.

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Reprint of the original. FEP: General Legend. REP: Indexed Maps. Dutch text. Duyfken Replica Foundation. Hard cover, gilt title on front cover and spine, dj.

Films of the Sea

Zand Graphics. Foreword by Sultan Somjee, Ph. Explorations: a bulletin devoted to the study of Franco-Australian links, Issue No. Contains articles from P. Soft cover. On the first French contacts in Australia. Oxford University Press. Hard cover, cloth spine, dj. Shawal September Cloth cover, gilt device on front cover, gilt title on front cover and spine, dj chipped.

Photo Eden Ltd. Photographic discovery of this archipelago. History, geography, climate, flora, fauna,.. Editions du Pacifique. Reprint of revised edition. Foxing spots on endpapers. Note at top of front endpaper. Swedish text. The East India Company of Sweden. Trade between Gothenburg and Canton nowadays Guangzou.

Joseph J. Fuller Mystic, Connecticut. Mystic Seaport Museum. Title page: Portrait of Capt. Hard cover, dj a little rubbed. Name of previous owner on front endpaper. Light foxing. Canberra Papers on Strategy and Defence No. Sampson Low, Marston. PP with plans, tables, graphs and diagrams as well as 64 pages of an atlas with 35 coloured maps. Cloth cover, decorated front and back covers. Hinge of back cover starting. Great Albion Books. Foreword by Alan Villiers. Fp in colour : a ghashi under sail.

Hard cover, dj price clipped. Plon-Nourrit et Cie. Soft cover, illustrated front. Covers and spine with small chips. Cloth cover, seals in blind on front and back covers, gilt title on spine, dj. Founding of the firm in Surabaja, , by Johan and Anton Hagemeijer Agencies in Adelaide, and Brisbane , Information Service of India.

The Satyagrahi unarmed volunteer invasion of Goa in August Title page: Pterois Volutans. The Hakluyt Society. Short closed tear at lower part of back hinge of dust jacket. Name of previous owner at top of half title page. National Library of Australia. Foreword by Jan Fullerton. Title page: Reef garden with Fan Coral. Editions: Isle de France.

Reprint of the English edition translated from the French original by Henri Brunel. Eps: Coral reef fishes. English text. Pictorial stiff cover. Calls at Ile de France Mauritius in on the way to and in on the return from. Death of Baudin at Port Louis, 16 September Mauritius Marine Authority.

Folded flyer Port-Louis Harbour loosely inserted. Year 78, Issue 12, December Contains article from P. German text. Editions Delroise. FEP: Orchids. REP: Ylang Ylang and cone shells. Hard cover, gilt title on front cover, dj. Description of the Comoros Archipelago, a remote French territory at the time, north of Madagascar. Periplus Editions. Fp: Bunaken Island, Sulawesi.