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He says for students to understand the world outlook that the US has, and the different things that we are engaged in, they must learn about historic events. The senior says she may not have been alive during the tragedy, but she is grateful for the people that sacrificed their lives, and still do. For most people, the feeling is the same.

Schwarts asked them to remember an event in their life that changed them forever. Skip to content. More Video. KX News Live Stream. You can change your ad preferences anytime. The hidden history of 9 11 Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No.

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The hidden history of 9 11 1. Four Arrows aka Don Jacobs v 6. This page intentionally left blank viii 9. Everyone now knows that the USA was behind it. It is imperative that these actions be implemented clandestinely and securely so that the USG [United States Government] and American hands be well hidden. This history for Chile is no longer hidden. In contempt of that knowledge, George W.

Bush expressed himself by initially appointing the same Henry Kissinger to head a Commission for a different in the United States itself. USA, Tuesday, Another attack! Does everyone know that the USA was behind it? Why should such a question even cross our minds? This happened in the States. The U. State is not the Chilean State. Fair reaction and we accept: no prejudice.

Nineteen hijackers would make the definition of a conspiracy. Were there nineteen and, if so, who were they and who was behind them? Should we be concerned with bin Laden? If not, then who? We are academics concerned with the truth about and its larger context.

The Hidden History of 9-11-2001

We claim independence and have expertise for questions we address. Without modesty, this book is better than the Commission Report. Much better. We invite you to rely upon this volume as a base for understanding. Paul Zarembka Editor ix This page intentionally left blank x This page intentionally left blank 2 Evidence is examined which shows that they were closely monitored by agencies which denied this knowledge; in particular, an undercover FBI agent lived with them the prior year.

We investigate patterns, reminiscent of historical intelligence involvement, revealing the presence of a covert intelligence operation disguised as an outside enemy attack. Despite his admission, however, the FBI has refused to alter its list.

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  4. After that threat dissipated, the hijacking investigation itself had been hijacked: the FBI never returned to complete it. Passenger lists made available by the airlines, however, contained none of these A little-known fact is that, besides the name of Mohamed Atta, it contained four names from the Flight 11 manifest, which the FBI dropped and replaced with four other Arab names. Because the original manifests have never been released to the public, despite the many requests of the researchers who have all been refused, there is no way to know.

    No discrepancy exists in this respect: none of the airline lists contain any hijacker names. Finally, 10 of those named by the FBI have since turned out to be alive, documented as such by authorities and interviews with those named. Then, when hard-pressed to make a disclosure, as for example in the recent Senate Hearings on the topsecret Able Danger intelligence unit, they only disclose they did indeed destroy some documents. The Able Danger case revealed 2. Most of the time we only learn the government has simply refused to disclose evidence or brief the public about what happened on It seems pretty clear now that the government, through the FBI and an FBI-complicit Commission, has as its goal to cover-up what happened that day.

    No one knows exactly how the FBI came upon their original list of 19, nor how it made such grievous errors. Then the US government became preoccupied with war against terrorists and refused to release authenticated videos of terrorists boarding the planes that crashed. Why could not all four of them just as easily have been released to the public as evidence against the accused hijackers? Could it be that none of the alleged hijackers were on these planes? We follow the impossible trail of other hijackers who would have had to be in at least two places at once.

    This pattern of doubling, together with evidence of patsies, cut-outs, national security overrides, protected hijacker activities, and of the hands of controller-moles pulling the strings from inside the government, all suggest the entire scenario was a covert US intelligence operation. Through this footage, the FBI was able to identify Atta as the terrorist ringleader, although it was never explained how the FBI could identify him so quickly.

    The Dulles Airport video is unlike the Portland video in every way. Hence, the possibility that the Dulles Airport video is a forgery. Devoid of such security data, both as a security video and as evidence of an event to be used in a court of law, what possible use could this video have? Photographs have also turned up in the news, but these are merely stills reproduced from the same Dulles footage, some zoomed-in or blown-up, but all lacking authenticity by virtue of their origin.

    The third problem visible in the Dulles video is the category of exterior lighting and shadows covered by Paul Zarembka in this volume following on the research of Vialls The exterior lighting is too bright and the shadows are wrong for an early D. September morning. A fourth problem with the Dulles video involves camera movement and visual manipulation both of which betray human intervention in what should be the purely mechanical operation of a closed-circuit security camera. The zoom-in on al-Mihdhar, for example, shows selectivity as well as Are we then to conclude there were two airport surveillance cameras embedded in the ceiling about six feet apart?

    Then there is a zoom-in on al-Mihdhar, followed by a slow-motion pan to follow him in close-up. The segment taped from the new set-up covers the second duo, the al-Hazmi brothers, as they pass through the screening. We get only a brief glimpse of him in the 57 s What Really Happened version. Was whoever provided the Dulles video trying to hide Hanjour for some reason? This estimate is based upon data provided Significantly in this scenario, Hanjour was not accompanied by any of the others, did not set off any alarms, and had his photo ID ready, unlike one of the al-Hazmi brothers who drew added suspicion to himself because he did not have a photo ID and could not understand English Commission, , p.

    Historically, Hanjour was one of the most traveled of the entire group, in-and-out of the US many times in the previous ten years he resided there. Conceivably he could have smoothly cleared the checkpoint in a matter of 30 s or less. In any case, he would not have merited much attention for one very important reason: he was not Hanjour at all. And yet they passed him off as Hanjour.

    Remember too that dark clothes tend to make one look thinner. Thus the discrepancy is striking: it is not Hanjour at all in the photo from the Dulles video. Could someone have mixed up the photographs? But the man in black who shows up for a whopping 8 s of the 57 s of the What Really Happened version, and inexplicably not at all in any other version we have seen, is the man in the However, inaccuracies and distortions of White House and Pentagon translations from the Arabic went unreported in the American press.

    Bin Laden erroneously praising uninvolved men makes no sense. At the expense of embarrassing himself, bin Laden would also be proliferating propaganda in support of the US war effort. Most likely US intelligence moles created this video forgery for that reason. Abnormalities in the video prevent us from determining when or where it was taped, and chances are good that the soundtrack was tampered with and therefore fabricated. Who has the kind of sophisticated technical assets to pull off such an operation? Qui bono? Sadly, four years later, the vast majority of Americans still do not know.

    If the real bin Laden had masterminded , he certainly would have known not to name those names. Contacted by the pharmacist, local independent investigator David Hopsicker a meticulously examined the videotape and found the splices where the FBI had edited Atta Senior out of the tape for the afternoon of August 28, , effectively erasing the evidence. In retrospect, Atta Senior is also not the man he pretends to be, and his statement that his son phoned him the day after the attacks, as evidence his son was still alive, cannot be trusted.

    The Hidden History of

    Alternatively, someone from inside Saudi Airlines assisted in the acquisition of these identities. Two of these corrections involved the deletion of Adnan and Ameer Bukhari who were called brothers in most press releases for example, Allison, The fact is the FBI did implement and hastily release changes within two days of It seems they merely substituted two new names of post-mortem recruits who, because they were not in the US, would not immediately show up at a local FBI Strangely, the plane crash occurred on September 11, , exactly one year to the day earlier than the Flight 11 crash to which the FBI had mistakenly named him.

    Levi presents proof that from the very beginning US authorities, especially the FBI, engaged in lies and the fabrication of evidence against hijacker suspects. Ameer Bukhari was listed under the same address as Adnan. This speculation assumes: 1 that there were hijackers who used the stolen identities of the Bukharis and company; 2 that the FBI did not fabricate the names as those of hijackers; and 3 that there were hijackers on these planes.

    Police helicopter footage of 9/11 attacks - ABC News

    Because so many of the details about the hijacker patsies are hearsay evidence or disinformation spread by the FBI, they must be sifted through and ignored. With the exception of Atta, the only constant in its two