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While Chakal's actual comeback in the new millennium took the form of a highly modern and experimental release Deadland , the follow-up album Demon King marks a return to the band's original thrash metal approach. The guitar sound may appear strange enough for the first few seconds, but the feeling quickly disappears as soon as the other instruments join in. With Vladimir Korg back on vocals, the renewed band carry a close resemblance to their original incarnation while keeping up with the upgraded technical requirements.

Naturally also the music is somewhat more developed than on those primitive early efforts, but you can still identify Chakal's sound pretty easily even based on the vocal tone alone. When the band can effortlessly make a fresh-sounding cover version of Death's Evil Dead with a full thrashing treatment so that it goes almost seamlessly with the original material, it is certain that they are still far from being relics in the scene.

Tales Of Worship 3. The Pioneer 4. Succeed Or Bleed 5. Never Alone 6. Inspiration To Violence 7. Painful Jokes 8. Save Me 9. Animation Run With The Torch. Considering how faithful to the best traditions of s thrash metal Channel Zero's debut is, it is a great pity that this Belgian band later decided to follow in the footsteps of Pantera and the like. Channel Zero is a convincing effort on all levels, a package filled with furious riffs and manic vocals. Although a few songs sound something like only minor variations of the theme and the vocalist's shouting can appear somewhat unvaried at times, it's the immense commitment and drive of the band that really makes this music hit your face.

Franky's vocals are clear but extremely powerful and the band basically play as if they had just invented the whole genre. No matter what you think about Channel Zero's later works, their initial release is an example of some very good thrash metal. Ballad Of S. Firedancer 4. Inquisition 5. Metal Eyes 6.

Paragon Of Animals 7. Surprise Kills 8. Surgery 9. Twisted In Vice Wakan Tanka. Probably close to a re-definition of "rare" these days, In Vice shows Charged giving an ample demonstration of their concept of Finnish thrash metal. There is little else but straight-out thrashing on this album, and the band pull the right strings for a good measure.

It is kind of repetitive and clearly not comparable to the cream of the crop at the time, but for one thing, there is a fresh and energetic mood all over this album. Obviously Charged had a talent for an effective use of resources - even though there are hardly any truly classic riffs to be found here, the band play these tracks out in such a devoted manner that it is hard not to give it the respect it no doubt deserves. You can never know what kind of curiosity items still remain hidden in the old scene, but In Vice has enough merits to prove that it is not among the most forgettable ones.

Foggy Creek 2. Crust And Crumbs 3. Chronic Confusion 4. Sordid End 5. Starless 6. Ratrace 7. Open Season 8. No Tomorrow 9. Doctor Death With such a little known band as Chronical Disturbance from Canada, you might immediately start wondering if their music is really worth the time. In this case, there could be some reservations about it - although Foggy Creek has some merits, it is not unjust to call the output quite boring on the whole.

On the instrumental side the band appear to have been a bit more ambitious than your usual pack, but not exactly in a memorable way. Actually this album often sounds like a heavier Dyoxen, with some more technical aspirations than on average but also the same kind of forgettable output most of the time.

It tells a lot when the most interesting track of a thrash metal album is an instrumental piece here, Doctor Death. There is no reason to completely overlook Chronical Disturbance's musical vision, but the result does not really impress in the way it should. Thrash In Cold Blood 2. Light Leading Maze 3. Never Better 4. No Evidence 5. Hypnosis 6. Genetically Determined 7. Envirusment 8. War Infection 9. Shark Attack demo Hypnosis demo.

The Crimson Shadow: The Complete Series

Chronosphere's debut release is a fairly typical example of acceptable but fundamentally pretty forgettable thrash metal these days. On the surface Envirusment should possess a sufficient amount of credibility, the songs are quite speedy affairs with sharp but not very memorable riffs, and the presentation in general is fully satisfactory if just slightly superficial. This is an adequately composed piece of work, but in the long run there's not much of a reason to go back to it after the first couple of listens or so.

While a track or two of this kind may occasionally appear mildly interesting, a whole album inevitably tends to lose a listener's attention at some point. Witch Trial 2. Phantom Of The Dawn 3. Total Gym 4. Temple Of Mystery 5. Underworld 6. Inner Fire 7. Fallen Angel 8. Tears 9. Cockroach Suck Me Beautiful Personal War Whether it is due to the ultimately uncute mascot that this band chose to adopt, of all things possible, or just the ordinary nature of their music, Cockroach must be among the less known bands in the genre.

On the surface, Temple Of Mystery doesn't seem too bad, as the sound is quite thick and robust, and at least formally it is not radically worse than the output of any other average thrash metal band. Maybe the biggest flaw is simply that the songwriting is rather dry and uninspiring, and after about two thirds of this album you may start to think that the thing should have ended already a long while ago. At their best these tracks build up a fairly massive stomping sound wall, but that doesn't help much when many songs practically go nowhere.

Bands like Hateful Agony have implemented this kind of common approach to thrash metal in a bit more interesting way - Temple Of Mystery falls a little short in that sense. March Of Death 2. Buried In The Battlefield 3. Hunger Island 4. Destroy 5.

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Patriot 6. August 6. Wolves Of Warfield 8. Toward The South 9. Hell Diver. Code Red's Wolves Of Warfield has an uplifting quality to it. As it quickly becomes evident, this album is full of speedy and powerful thrash metal with an apparent clear direction of its own. The style is not exactly the most creative, but the riffing is quite satisfying and the band sound more than eager enough.

While the presentation is almost spot-on, the initial positive impression does not completely hide the fact that this album is a bit more about an energetic attitude than unique memorable songs. At its best the music pushes forward like a heavy locomotive, and some great inspired tracks like Destroy and Patriot certainly stick out, but a lot of it kind of blends together. This does not crucially reduce the value, though - while there is still some room left for improvements, Code Red's devoted performance on their debut release is definitely laudable.

Defiled By Madness 2. Bottled Freedom 3. Inner Conflict 4. Deniably So The Edited Truth 5. From Green To Black. Whatever little eventually came of Comatose, their only known release sounds virtually indistinguishable from the original thrash metal scene that flourished a few years earlier. One would indeed have great difficulties in trying to estimate the release date of Deep Sleep without a better knowledge, as if this mini album had been recorded early on but then just postponed for a long period of time. The sound is very down-to-earth, and in specific situations this could be a perfect album to add to the mood.

While the band mostly deliver the goods in a fair manner, some of the music appears quite unoriginal and naturally repetitive, though. Sufficient to say, the appeal of this recording is based on its powerful feel more than any downright catchy songs. Deep Sleep may be missing the final touch that would really make a difference, but a bad choice to hear it is not.


Bullitt 2. Age Of Discord 3. The Mutant Inside 4. Blessings From The Death Saint 5. The Cannibal Cabal 6. Judas 7. The Evil Has Landed 8. This Place Of Torn 9. The Pollards Under The Guise Of Terror. With their roots deep in the s thrash and hardcore, including a brief period under the moniker of Napalm that eventually evolved into a completely different line-up , Combat deserve a special mention for producing quite a refreshing new album after all these years. While the band's preceding modern works could be deemed more hardcore-ish with enough of rough edges to share, Age Of Discord manifests an energetic thrashing soundscape that is both traditional and progressive, sometimes reminiscent of the early Voivod with their general off-kilter feel.

As a result, the music is strangely appealing in a nice old-fashioned but not antiquated way. The songs are on the short side, the average length barely under three minutes, which just contributes to an impression of a compact and controlled style. It may take a bit time for an average listener to adapt to Age Of Discord , but the output is certainly much more interesting than your stereotypical thrash metal album nowadays.

Prisoner Of Life 2. Cockroach 3. Diseases Of The Mind 4. Blackwater Rising 5. Communication Gap 6. Denial Of God 7. Cover The Stigmas 8. Venom Of Society 9. Garden Of Spiders. While it is hardly a remarkable release, Revelations Of Perdition has certain commendable qualities. For a dose of some very fast-paced thrash metal, this album is laudably consistent and provides a constant stream of chainsaw riffs although their variety is rather limited in the end. After the first two or three tracks the whole effect starts to appear nearly monotonous, then the album sort of picks up again.

Concrete's forceful sound is fairly appealing in itself, far from novel but very appropriate for a product of this kind. There is no doubt that Revelations Of Perdition could have used some more memorable songwriting as well as catchier riffs, but at least the basics seem to be already solid enough. Scars 3. Corrupcion 5. The Price We Must Pay 6. This World 7. Experiments To Create Aberrations 8. God Is Death 9. Malevolent Act. Social Disorder shows an exemplary way to kick off a thrash metal album - no unrelated intros or drawn-out build-ups, just pick a catchy riff and run with it.

Arguably not all parts of Conflicted's first release are able to reach such high levels of quality, but there are still enough of audible moments of noteworthy riffage also beyond the first song. Evidently it's the fastest tracks that make the most effective impression, as some more restrained pieces on this album do not work equally well. Therefore Social Disorder can be considered a fair debut where occasional flashes of prowess still leave room for improvements in the future. Black Spot 2. Jimmy Fucknut 3. Passing Away 4. Villa De Muerto 5. Walk The Plank 6.

Chorny Obelisk. The idea behind Crippled Invaders could be considered kind of novel. But the actual implementation of Conspiracy's "pirate thrash" turns out to be a lot more ordinary. As a demonstration of the band's abilities, this mini album is certainly satisfactory - the sound quality, riffs and pretty much everything works as a proof of adequate knowledge of the ideals of the genre. Formally it should pass every criteria set for thrash metal over the years. And as the songs are mostly on the short side, it shouldn't be an impossible task for anyone to give this one a fair listen.

Yet the result falls short of having any distinctive impact on the scene, thus making Crippled Invaders just another addition to the ever-growing pile of similar undistinguishable releases. Arrival Of The Enraged 2. The Fuse Is Lit 3. Fuckfish 4. Hope Over Board 5. Raiding Time 6. Hanging On The Mast 7. Scattered Ashes 8. Cutlass In The Ribs 9. Temple Of Shame You Were Right Major Stevens. While Hope Over Board does not deviate from the route that Conspiracy established with Crippled Invaders , it shows some obvious signs of development.

The band's sound appears tighter than previously, and although there are no great musical differences between these releases, this time the output is a bit more convincing than before. Even then there is no denying the notion that the overall style remains largely unexceptional and repetitive. The whole album is compact and not very long, yet it has a tendency to drag in places and the majority of material is quite forgettable. Of course, this only adheres to the rule that most products in any genre end up being more or less average, but any greater recognition would naturally require better than that.

Intro 2. Cannibal Of War 3. Suicide Visions 4. Frantic Mortified Bitch 5. Sick Power From Hell 6. Down In Our Throat! Burned Out 9. Thrashing Maniac Killing On Instinct Conspirator Those who think thrash metal has become too neat and tidy only need to take a look at Conspirator's Cannibal Of War.

For all practical purposes, this is the total opposite of clean-cut and polished. The production quality is pretty crude, the vocals are terribly raw, and the album on the whole is directly comparable to Sodom's most primitive recordings, for example. As the riffs are rather elementary and the compositions can be described as "functional" at best, the effect can be quite disconcerting to a casual listener. Needless to say, Cannibal Of War is not exactly what the general public would be likely to call good music, but maybe the most dedicated individuals can find something of a redeeming value from this thing.

If nothing else, it may serve as a bringer of balance against the majority of more refined studio productions. Convicted 3. Minds Of War 4. Payback 5. Merciless 6. Concious Apology 7. Brainfeed 8. Raping Your Blood. While there is little in the way of actual creativity on Convicted's debut release, Nuclear Escape is not a half-bad product at all. This album features well-executed thrash metal with a nice natural sound quality, and the band's output appears fairly convincing and street credible despite its unexceptional characteristics. There is not much variation to speak of, even fewer any real thought-provoking moments, but the music cannot be called downright boring or pointless either.

As the album is not too long, it manages to maintain a tight pace from start to finish, and there are no plodding moments during these tracks. Although Convicted's style is undoubtedly rather ordinary, the effort does not go to waste as Nuclear Escape is quite a consistent collection of streamlined fast thrash metal. Reborn Through Hate 3. When Angels Die 4. Intro Nosferatu 5. Nosferatu 6. Suicide Command 7. Spiral Dream 8. Coma Fried Alive Intro Totentanz Totentanz Their debut album R. Despite being heavy on technicality, the result sounds mostly quite interesting and fresh and works pretty well.

With very heavy vocals and decent speed, the music is convincing enough and does not wander too deep into the progressive territory. The musicianship is very excellent and the prime example of this, the classy instrumental Nosferatu easily becomes one of the definite highlights of this album. Absorbed 3. Masked Jackal 4. Arc-Lite 5.

Skeleton On Your Shoulder 6. Sudden Fall 7. Shadow Of A Lost Dream 8. The New Breed 9. Voyage To Eternity Purple Haze. Coroner's second album is similar to R. Punishment For Decadence is typically heavy for the band and it has all the usual Coroner characteristics, but this time some of the music is close to being a bit too tedious for its own good.

Although this album sounds even more consistent than the band's debut release, many tracks seem to go nowhere despite their heavy arrangements. In fact, R. Except for the peculiar Jimi Hendrix cover Purple Haze , most tracks are not too distinguishable from each other, which results in a somewhat boring general feel.

Punishment For Decadence is by no means a bad album but some repetitious technical mannerism and the lack of highlights make it less impressive when compared to its predecessor. Die By My Hand 2. No Need To Be Human 3. Read My Scars 4. Mistress Of Deception 6.

Tunnel Of Pain 7. Why It Hurts 8. Last Entertainment. By their third album Coroner had refined their style to a respectable level. No More Color is probably the band's most mature release up to that point, and despite all the technicality and variety in their sound the music remains crushingly heavy and focused.

Some of the band's better tracks can be found on this album, including the heavy Read My Scars and the experimental Last Entertaiment. Although Coroner were clearly starting to steer away from conventional thrash metal grounds, this release remains to be a fine example of the band's potential and skills. Supported by some great, rich production, No More Color is the heaviest and probably the best of Coroner's early albums.

Heaven Needs Money 2. Slaves Of Our Inventions 3. Back To My World 4. I Live, You Die 5. Toxic Death 6. Life Reflections 7. Reason To Kill. Corpse may have been among the more unknown Brazilian bands of their time, but I Live, You Die does not actually pale in comparison to the average quality of releases in the genre.

The album has a strong start with the hard-hitting Heaven Needs Money , resulting in a surprisingly positive initial impression. While the rest of the album eventually turns out to be more of a standard type as a whole, there is still a sufficient amount of good moments to ensure that Corpse's offering manages to keep its head above the water long enough. The guitar work and riffs are on an acceptable level at all times, and you can only think that the band must have had a good time during the recording sessions. For those looking for unobtrusive but interesting thrash metal that holds on its own, I Live, You Die contains just that.

Inferno 2. Fires Of Dissolution 3. Full Force 4. Nightmare To Come 5. Burned In Waco 6. Malevolent Creation 7. Iron Empire 8. Darkest Of Days 9. Unleashed Dead To Me. If anything, Corruptor's Towering Inferno shows signs of promise. This album is clearly more versatile than the norm, combining heavy riffs and high speed with a few melodic touches, and the whole scheme is driven forward by an energetic performance altogether.

The effort is quite ambitious and not quite as dull as many contemporary releases that quickly disappear from memory, although the general feel is sometimes slightly unfinished. Despite the varying quality of songwriting, this recording does contain some whole tracks worth a note, like Full Force and Burned In Waco that deserve more than just a short glimpse.

As a full album Towering Inferno is not an unrestricted favorite, but it is surely decent enough to raise expectations for any potential further work from this band. Blessed Is The Black 2. Burn The Cross 4. Out Of The Grave 5. Rock This Church 6. Iron Dick 7. For ores:Extractinator. Nuff said For clentimator,: You already explained.

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Garish Gnome Terrarian. Freenight said:. Says who, exactly? I never had any trouble doing that. It takes little to no effort to bring some blocks and create your own biome in another world. And by the way, jumping worlds is perfectly legit, in my eye. Tyrax Lightning Terrarian. After that both Biomes can kiss Extinction. Even then i'm thinking of possibly just murdering all my World's Crimson then having just a single farming patch of Hallow in one spot in the World only to make her happy while having the rest of my World ordinary.

If Hallow was good in Terraria, the Hallow Enemies wouldn't thank the Dryad for her support of them by trying to kill her! I dunno if i'll ever understand the Dryad Azu Retinazer. Tyrax Lightning said:. Garish Gnome said:. What feels legitimate to you doesn't have to feel the same to others. Some things can be good ideas without being absolutely necessary, too. Enough people have expressed interest in this change to be considered, I think, despite the number of people trying to dismiss the feature for others because they wouldn't benefit enough themselves.

Also, to those like myself who play through the game exclsuviely multiplayer with one or two specific other people, "jumping worlds" is a far less legitimate "feature". It is disruptive to the flow of the game and yes, feels like a hacky bridge instead of a "legitimate feature". Personally, I see absolutely no reason why the option shouldn't exist to have a world generate with crimson on one side and corruption on the other side of the map and while I'm at it, generate all metals naturally should you want it The biggest thing that would need to be solved, in that case, would be how the hardmode starter crimson, corruption, and hallow conversion "beams" work.

The Dryad says you need to try harder for anything but if the world's in balance on both sides. So frankly you're pissing her off.

Eye of Cthulhu

If the world's in balance on both sides? What does that mean? If there is an equal percentage of both. The Dryad wants half good half evil on purpose? Neither are good, nor evil. General Milky Terrarian. It really depends on what you want and how to do it. Crimson and corruption are mutually exclusive on world gen for a few reasons, but the game eventually gives you tools to VERY easily have both in your world if you do a little importing.

It's not illegitimate, but for the sake of cohesive playthroughs it shouldn't be assumed that the player is able to get resources from the other world type. This enables us to offer a huge library of designs by independent designers, available on over 50 different products. And we back every purchase up with our Happiness Guarantee. Visit our help page for information on returns and exchanges. I'm a design contractor based in the Puget Sound area of Washington state.

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