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They are our bridesmaids and our groomsmen. They are the most accepting and loving people we know. As promised, you can find help locating sibling grief support on this page. I lost my little brother Casey Gene Bone on July 11, I mean i dreamed the night before that he would drown in the exact way that he did. On September 13th, , 30 years ago today, I lost my youngest Sister of 29 who had an unknown heart murmur.

She has spent 30 years in Earth time in her eternal home with God. She knows all of the secrets of passing on. She speaks to me through the beauty of purple flowers which are her favorite. I keep her alive in my heart by the beautiful memories I keep of her. She brings me peace and comfort in a way only she can bring and time cannot erase. I lost my 37 year old sister to bowel cancer in mid July , she had only turned 37 four days prior to her passing. Now I am eaten up by the guilt that I allowed her to keep me away from her bedside.

Moreover, the day she died I got a phone call to say she was gravely ill and to get to the hospital and despite the mad rush to get there, I never made it in time. I never got to say goodbye, and I think that haunting fact will consume me for the rest of my life. I just hope to God that she knew how much I loved her and how much she is now missed. I lost my sister to suicide last year, she was only 3 years older than me, She had a very hard life with both physical and mental hurdles uncontrollable physical deficiencies, compounded traumatic experiences and drugs.

I was in absolute shock when I got the news I was sheltered from most of her hardships. I was numb, with intense crying at night. The crying stopped, I felt at peace or so I thought. The stress and anxiety builds and I begin to have panic attacks, followed depressive episodes and near-constant anxiety and fear.

Eventually, my mind and body had had enough, and threw it all back at me in the form of panic, disconnectedness, fear and a complete lack of motivation. To force myself to grieve, I opened up my text messages to my sister, and was hit by a wave of emotions so hard I could barely breathe.

I realized all of the anxiety was festering; although I thought my grief was gone, it had been waiting for me all this time. I never experienced true depression, the type of depression where every little thing seems meaningless. Or true anxiety, where a what-if scenario is capable of making me dizzy, lightheaded and looking for the nearest exit. Thankfully, forcing myself to grieve instantly alleviated many of the symptoms.

With time it became less constant, coming in waves instead of feeling like an ocean of preoccupation and fear. I learned what my triggers are. But mainly, grief literature, changing my approach to sleep a proper schedule and routine , meditation and getting closer to my father and learning about his spirituality alleviated the symptoms enough for me to grieve in controlled bursts. Sure, sometimes a thought will come up that brings me to tears when at the gym, or a song comes up from my period of numbness that eradicates my stomach.

My sister was the person i loved the most in the world. I still love her dearly, however dealing with the subsequent fear her death caused has made it a complicated relationship. My main takeaway has been this: for every weird and scary feeling, there is a source of pain. Running from it, fighting it or numbing it does not address it. Allow yourself to feel the good and the bad, you will come out of each moment glad you did.

I lost my younger brother who was 31 last summer. I just feel lien id never be whole again. He took a huge part of me with him. I lost My 1st Oldest Brother Gregory on July 6, He was only 28, he died a week after his birthday June 29, my heart immediately fell after I actually witnessed the people taking my dead brother out the building in a body bag out my mother apartment.

My 1st oldest brother had a heart of gold he did everything a parent could ask for in a son …that was him. I lost my brother on July 6th as well. He was My heart goes out to you.

We loved him beyond words. I lost my brother suddenly on July 6th as well. It was my worst nightmare losing a close family member, especially my only brother. What was supposed to be a fun summer day with friends ended tragic very quickly. I keep replaying the phone call I received notifying me of his death over and over again. Sometimes I simply cannot belief he is gone forever. He was just here. How quickly life can change. I loved him dearly and miss everything about him. I see his face and smile and just keep wishing he was here.

I sympathize with everyone that has lost their sibling. Reading your messages has brought comfort knowing that there are others struggling as much as I am with my loss. Losing my sister has lead me to do and say some crazy stuff.. I am so happy It did. Despite how sad and heartbreaking everyones stories were to read, they did help me.

On May 15, I lost my older sister Shay in a car accident. She had gone out to meet up with friends and have drinks. She never came home. We dont know if she was avoiding a deer or if she fell asleep. She just went off the road and plowed through a cedar tree. Around 5am I had gotten the call from our mom, shay had been in a car accident and was on life support. I rushed to get her smaller kids who were at home asleep alone, and I swear I wasnt breathing the entire ride there and to the hospital. She was on life support for 12 hours and then she was gone.

I was so heartbroken and mad. Mad at her , mad at myself. Mad at her childrens fathers who left her with such a huge responsibility alone. I wanted someone to blame, and sadly I still do. Alot of days myself. There is 3 of us. We have all three been thick as thieves. My younger sister being 28, myself 32, and Shay being My sisters are my best friends. We worked together, we raise all our kids together, we live down the street from each other. Losing part of our trio has been shattering. I know I will never be the same.

I worry constantly about my daughter who cries every night bc she misses her aunt. Or all my nieces and nephews who cry over their aunt who was a huge part of all their lives. My sister Shay left behind 4 kids ranging Thank you all so much for your stories. I lost my sister on June 24th, She was only 51 years old. She had diabetes. She was sick for a very long time. She had her toes amputated two years prior. Her kidney function was failing and they put her on dialysis. Her heart was weakening also, so she was given 6 months to live back in March of My sister began to have fluid overload and refused the dialysis.

For weeks on end I kept bugging her to go to the hospital to get that fluid off of her. She could barely walk, and she was so short of breath. Her legs felt like they were as hard as concrete. I kept getting in her for weeks on end begging her to go to the hospital. Finally she was in so much pain, she agreed to go. By the time she got to hospital, she was disoriented and confused.

Finally convinced her to do dialysis….. They had to put a new port in her and she could have her session of dialysis begin again. They finally got her through the dialysis, she complained of pain that evening. She was confused and disoriented again. It was like she was fine one minute and confused the next. That same night we got a call from her daughter that the hospital called and said her heart stopped beating 20 min ago.

We ran up to the hospital and of course she was gone. I never felt so guilt in my life. I bugged her to death to go to hospital and get back on dialysis. She finally agrees and after her session she does that night. She had a heart attack and complete kidney failure. She was just too far gone not doing dialysis like she should have. She told us that she never wanted to do dialysis again…. I was trying to keep her from dying….. I have 3 other sisters. They are dealing with this in their own way I guess….. I feel a lone at times. I close my eyes and I still see her face…..

Its been one of the hardest things that I have ever had to go through. We had a celebration of life for her…. She left behind three daughters and 5 beautiful grandkids. My heart breaks for them all. I lost my little brother March 16th at the age of 26 to a car accident. There were no other cars involved.. He hit 5 Orange trees before being ejected out of the car and was almost be headed after being thrown into a tree head first.

I live in Atlanta Ga… so I got that call at am.. My life will never be the same.. I cry and feel so alone. I planned his service.. The hardest thing I ever had to do. I look at life differently now. He left two beautiful daughters behind.. Those girls was his world.. Only information I can get was that it was a motorcycle accident with no other vehicles involved. Unbelievably heartbroken. She was my everything.

My Mom, Dad, big sister, best friend, mentor, all wrapped in one amazing woman. My world crumbled after receving the news. Like I have read in a few of the previous posts no one seems to be concerned how the sibling is doing. Everything I do reminds me of her. Even smells send me into an emotional mess.

I found a voicemail I had saved that I listen to over and over almost torturing myself. She was only 42 years old she had so much life left to live. So angry. Never have felt pain this deep in my life. I hope that by sharing my story that someone else can come to the same conclusion that I have. And that no matter where you are in your level of grief that its ok to feel those feelings and no one can tell you how you are suppose to feel or grieve.

We all grieve differently and at our own pace. Thanks for taken the time to read my story. I lost my kid brother on July 4th, It has not been an easy road without him. Everyday I think of him and think of ways I could have prevented his death. Some days, I just cry alone. Sometimes, I picture myself and my brother as kids again and remember our fun childhood. The time I would give him rides from point A to point B when I got my license.

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He was too young to go. My boyfriend of over 4 years just lost his older brother in March by suicide. I tell him not to keep everything bottled up that he needs to talk about it now and then. I was thinking maybe he should he someone but I have no idea what to do or how to help him in the right way.

I lost my brother July 1st, 18 hours before his birthday. I wish I would have contacted him sooner. Whether to arrange a day to celebrate his birthday or just to see how he was doing. It would be nice to hear him one last time, but instead I never contacted him until the day of his birthday in which I sent him a simple birthday text. Only to find out 10 days later he was killed the day prior to my text.

What bothers me so much is the fact that he never received the text…. My brother was the most positive and appreciative of life and family. He was always there for my sister and me with a smile and encouragement, he never brought too much attention to what he was going through.

I wish I would have talked to him more about what he was going through.

Bookworm for Kids: Fantasy, Magic, Science Fiction

At age 14 he was diagnosed with diabetes, then in his mids he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which he was able to beat! He still had complications with his diabetes and I remember one day picking him up from the hospital when I was 27 after he had lost one of his toes. So I made up the excuse of needing to get a snack from the cafeteria and asked if he needed a drink. On my way to the cafeteria I stopped and leaned against the wall and I cried and cried.

I texted my best friend about what was going on, fathered myself up again and went back to his hospital room. I took him home and made sure he was comfortable and talked to him.. For the next year and a half he worked towards getting cleared to be on the kidney transplant list. Health insurance did not make it easy and even before that point it felt like our family was forever struggling against health insurance companies and policies. During that time I also was tested to see if I was a match. I struggled for half a year with deciding what to do should he become cleared for a transplant.

Before he could be cleared for the transplant list, my brother passed away in his apartment. And I hate knowing that. He went through so much and was the most positive person I knew. My brother died at age 44 alone in his apartment too. The kindest person with the biggest heart ever.

All of the good ones are taken way to soon. Prayers that both of our brothers are resting in peace. I lost my sister in October of , she was 17 years old. I feel so mad at the world still. I have a great family and I feel my mother didnt deserve this. She has always been the best a mom can be. I feel like my word came crashing down that day and everything after that is done out of habit.

I get up in the morning do what needs to be done like everyday cause i have to. I m here but im not here, if that makes sense. I just dont know how to stop being so miserable, and how do i help my mom and 2 other sisters whenever i cant even help the way i feel. I lost my brother on July 1 , he was 25 years old. It was a sudden cardiac arrest , he died all alone in ICU.

Till the moment we could reach the hospital he was dead, Its getting worse day by day , all I wish is to meet him again. I had not talked to him for two weeks and suddenly he is gone forever. The gulit is too much to bear. I havent talked about the way I feel to anyone but here we go. I lost my brother a few years back. We lived together up until his death at the age of He got in a motorcycle accident on his way home.

A car hit him head on and he passed away in the ambulance. He was an amazing person, and accomplished so much. He was basically an all star in every category not to mention a complete ladies man. He also worked hard and smart, started a business at the age of 21 while still in college and he had accumulated close to a million by the time of his death. He shined bright to say the least. I always looked up to him more than my dad and was never jealous but always happy for his success. I bragged that he was brother to all my friends. My family has basically fallen apart since he passed.

But nothing I did seemed to really matter to my dad, he was deteriorating and there was nothing I could do about it. I almost know so. Anyways just needed to get this off my chest, thank you to anyone that took their time to read this. Arthur, I felt the same as you. I want you to know we are all worthy of the love and deserved to be loved. I do not know your beliefs, but being a Christ follower helped me know I am worthy. I loved my brother most out of 4 brothers. He was fun, took me on dates with his girlfriend s , took time to be my big brother. He was murdered, and nothing and no one was ever arrested and no justice was ever served.

To make matters worse, my brother had decided to stop taking drugs and get his life back together. He was going to turn in some big drug people in, among those he trusted was our first cousin. As a follower of Christ I have been able to let it go and give it to God. Please find a way to love yourself and others will follow. You deserve better than you are getting. Grab life, have good clean fun, and laugh. This what your brother would tell you to do. Find a great woman that loves you unconditionally.

Start a family and let them all know how much you loved your great brother. Tell your brother your sorrows and your joys. By the way, I was 12 years old when my brother was murdered, and was 20, almost It took me 7 years before I could say his name out loud without crying. His death has made me more compassionate, empathetic to others experiencing health problems and death. In a sense he lives in me still to this day.

I hope this may comfort and possibly help you see others going through similar experiences you are. Grief will not go away, because we got to have our loved one in our life. What a blessing of such great memories! Cherish those great memories and do what you can to make the most of your life so they would be proud. I know the feeling. My sister recently died from a car accident. Since her death my mother blames me for not being in hospital on time.

She blames me that she died in a car accident whilst going to work, she used to work in my business. My mom would cry for my suster and ask God why her and not me. It didnt bother me at first but the comparison had always been there. I cry a lot for my sister, she was my rock, my everything. But as for my family, they still wish I die. But in all that I have learnt that God is with me, it is not by human that my destiny will unfold but by God. She was only 29 years old. I miss her a lot. Reading your post helped me to feel better. I have also realised how much my family hated me, my late sister would always warn me about them but I never wanted to accept it.

Now that she is gone, ive learnt that its all about me. She left a 4 year old boy which I love dearly, my family also took him as I was his primary caregiver even when my sister was alive. Its been tough but I believe God is keeping me alive for a reason. I lost my brother Monday. He had end stage liver disease. I have spent almost every day with him for 8. He was only 40 and spent his 40th in hospital. He died a traumatic death, 12 hours of vomitting blood and he was looking around the room frightened. He cried out that he was dying a couple of times.

Life will never be the same. I appreciate you sharing your experience. I had a similar one with my older brother he was 36 and had renal failure, among other health issues he faced. He had the best spirit though and was always optimistic, I try to remember that and live that. Thank you for this post. I have been looking for something like this for a while. I lost my one and only sister on May 14, , two days after her 41st birthday and a month shy of her second year wedding anniversary. It was a brain aneurysm, sudden and without prior warning. I feel the guilt that many do.

She was perfect. She was thin, vegan, active, she sang and danced and had a little etsy store where she sold dog sweaters. She was in a student film, she got to sing at the house of blues; and she got to have the most beautiful garden wedding, something she had been planning ever since she was 8 years old. The only thing she needed was the groom, and after so many horrible boyfriends, she finally met her Ken. But I also feel something else, and this I shared at her service.

No one, on this good earth can even begin to understand the bond that we had. I am the exact opposite of her; but the bond that we had was stronger than any other bond save the bond with her husband. Our relationship was special, it was unique and it was just for me. It is a good feeling. She gave me that, mi big sis. Patty and I were 3 and 5 when our baby sister Susan died at 14 mos old; she was precious and sweet and always happy.

No one ever talked to us about her death.. We were sent to stay with different families and as an adult…I believe it was during the funeral and for several weeks after. We were not well behaved. We would cause trouble every night-jumping, laughing,singing…once we threw everything out the window; pillows and blankets, a few scatter rugs, whatever was not to heavy for our little hands. When the Adults swung open the door to yell…my mind plays it out as Charlie Brown adults..

Where were they anyway…our parents? Where was our little sister? It was sad , lonely and oh so confusing for us all. Patty and I had each other. For all our growing up.. We were adults now with other younger sisters too. But I remeber the huge pain in my chest as my heart broke again.. I have 3 brothers older than me and 1 sister younger and we are a dysfunctional family and have not had a lot to do with each other during our adult years.

On the 23rd May I lost my middle brother aged 57 to end stage COPD, we did not even know he was sick he did not want us to know as he did not want any of us to worry about him. I was at work when my nephew called me several times to tell me that the Hospital had called him to tell him he had hours left to live. He had instructed the hospital not to tell any of his family, he only let the hospital call us when they told him there was nothing more they could do for him. By the time we got to the hospital he was in a coma, and he passed away on the following day. His funeral was on the 30th May and in the early hours of that day my Step-father passed away with stomach cancer and heart failure.

Now this week I prepare to say goodbye to my other brother who has just turned 57 to Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the liver, to his credit he stopped drinking as soon as he was diagnosed approx 3yrs ago. My mother and I have been watching him get progressively worse over the last 3 months to the point that I took time off to start taking him to his appointments as he was becoming too weak to drive himself klms to his appointments. He too has not been fully up front about how sick he is until I talked to his doctors and they suggested to him to be admitted to hospital and he refused and wanted to delay it for 1 week.

I had to loose my temper at him the following day and very loudly pointed out to him he was dying and was being very selfish by making us watch, well by the end of my tirade he agreed to go to hospital that day. I scared him by being so very blunt. Seven days after being admitted to hospital he has been moved to the ICU due to being severely malnourished, muscle waste and with encephalitis he can barley keep his eyes open and cant even hold a cup, the Doctors advised they will not be able to do any life saving measures to save him as they would have an adverse effect on his failing body.

Why has it taken till 2 days ago for them to be involved and why cant they see he is dying … I feel they are delusional they think he is going to recover!!! I am heart broken my only consolation is that I have had to privilege to spend time with him and provide some minor assistance to him for weeks. My brother and a group of his friends all went to help their friend change a tire.

Three of them, including my brother were hit by a drunk and high driver. My brother and one of his friends did not make it. It was hours before my birthday. None of us will ever get over it. February 19, is the day that my world came crashing down and my family has never recovered. Me and my brother barely tolerated each other as we got older.

My brother was the popular one, I was the annoying crybaby who never really bonded with anyone. He was the one who was healthy and into fitness, meanwhile I get winded climbing a flight of stairs. My brother was the one who was going to be married, had a job he loved, and friends who were ride or die. At his funeral, sign wavings, anything that is for them, I have people walk pass me and find my parents, or his friends, or his girlfriend.

I had a well meaning cousin look me straight in the eye and tell me to. I want to scream at people. The horrible thoughts that tell me: It should have been you. No one would have cared if YOU were the one dead. Daniel had a job and a family, you? I just wanted to say thank you for posting your experience. I was 21 when my brother suddenly passed away in a car accident. I was the one who knew what songs he would want played at his funeral.

He was my absolute best friend. Again, I was left to wonder why it was him and not me as I was the sick one. Fortunately my parents were aware of this and made sure to always check in on me as much as I would check in on them. I still occasionally go to grab my phone to text him either something funny I heard or a new song from a band we both liked. As a fellow bereaved sibling my sister died in August, , I very much agree that we are forgotten mourners. For sibling out there looking for community — there is a story sharing group on instagram group for brothers and sisters.

You can find it here:. I think there is a lot of power in writing your story with your sibling — and a lot of comfort in reading the stories of others. I cannot thank you enough for sharing the information on the Instagram group. Finally, I feel connected to others experiencing the same kind of pain. Thank you! Extra sensitive to touch, crowds, or sounds? Having trouble with social interactions? I use these same principles in writing each column. That is, I work with the person to nail down the real problem.

For example, a young mom blows up at a grandparent for giving the grandchild an extra dessert, but the conflict is not really about a chocolate chip cookie. I always try to offer some alternatives while pointing out the potential upsides and downsides of each. But I leave it up to the person with the problem to consider the options and make what is the best decision for him or her.

Maintaining or enhancing them is where the challenges are, especially when we remember that the children and grandchildren are always observing. I remember that column! People went bananas. Yup, many of the follow-up comments were hostile toward the young mom, and I had to edit out the profanity.

You make it sound so easy. My readers tell me that my advice helps them get unstuck from their negative emotional history that often has them focusing on the affront they feel and how to avenge themselves. What are the common issues young parents and grandparents want your advice on? I thought long and hard about this when I decided to organize my columns into a book. The conflicts between young parents and grandparents typically fall into five key areas. First: setting appropriate boundaries; second: not communicating or miscommunicating; third: having unrealistic or unrealized expectations; fourth: vying for power and control; and fifth: having different values, beliefs, and principles.

Yes, but only once. This is a good example of how I believe I must make suggestions within the parameters of the situation as it is presented to me. Have you ever been criticized for your advice? However, there was a young mom, who wrote in seeking advice, who generated a lot of angry responses. She wanted to ask her in-laws for money so her two kids could attend an expensive summer camp.

Her husband was uneasy asking for this money. Can you predict if and how your readers are going to react to your columns? No, in fact I am constantly surprised. Recently, a reader wanted advice on how to deal with grandmothers who competed over their granddaughter by trying to outdo each other. For example, one grandmother gets the granddaughter a new book; the other grandmother orders a basket of books. One grandmother takes the granddaughter on a day-trip, and the other grandmother arranges a weekend trip. I received a few responses—readers mostly saying how they were going to be more mindful of the potential for this kind of competition— but certainly a lot fewer and tamer!

Our own mother-daughter relationship is often brought up. People want to know if we make each other crazy. Of course I make you crazy. I make myself crazy, but I think our relationship works for the simple reason that you are naturally good-natured and you are so easy to be around. When it comes to the grandchildren, I think we all get along so well because your dad and I try to follow your parenting rules and regulations. Why do you think we get along so well? Assuming you think we do get along well! I want to know if we make each other crazy. Yeah, we argue, but mostly about silly stuff. I am happy to hear you say you feel supported and not judged because I really do try to follow the advice I give other parents and grandparents.

For more of Dr. Gramma Karen and her new book, check out askdrgrammakaren. For her regular column, visit mommybites. To learn more, spend an hour with a leading expert, Ken Winters, Ph. Winters will answer your questions after the presentation. February 26th, at pm. Please e-mail guestspeaker gbwl. But, of course, a lot has changed in the world in the past 10 years, so we have changed too.

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Hair by Andre Davis. Makeup by Caitlin Wooters. Gruss made a name for herself in the fashion industry when she launched her eponymous collection in when she was just A creative soul with a knack for business, the year-old born-and-raised Upper East Sider is also an effervescent personality, the kind of woman who can walk in from a New York City snowstorm like the one swirling in the air the morning of our interview and be genuinely cheery to everyone around her. But her favorite hat to wear? The Shoshanna brand recently celebrated its 15th anniversary.

How did you mark the milestone? One of the things we did was bring back our iconic cherry print which people have been asking us to do for a while It was the first swimsuit I did [when] I launched swim in Tell us about some of the different factors that influence your designs. I have no formal design background, but I really feel like I am the customer and not just in designing the fabrics, the prints, and the colors, but also designing the actual shapes.

One of the greatest things that I bring to the table is an understanding of the female form. How has the Shoshanna brand evolved over the past 15 years? The brand has evolved so much. When my daughter Sienna was born we launched Baby Girl swim, and now she is designing for that line. Sienna has always made her own swimsuits—she and I have very different…um…tastes in clothing and style. She loves clothing and uses it to express herself too. She came in [to the showroom] and designed a suit. Did you always see yourself in the fashion industry?

No, not really at all. I always say this, but I always looked at fashion like I was in a museum. It was beautiful and I wanted it but could never have it… When I was younger, my mom used to have bathing suits custom-made for me, and she always took such dear care of not making me feel bad about my body because when I was 13, I looked like, you know, a grownup. I always felt confident and comfortable—but still frustrated. What sparked you to act on those frustrations and start designing? Young people can just start a clothing line? In a nutshell, who is the quintessential Shoshanna customer?

Tell us more about being named Style Director at Elizabeth Arden. Do you have any tips on maintaining personal style while raising kids? I think you organize your life—and your clothes—in a way that makes you stop wasting the silly moments. I can get dressed at night so quickly if [my husband and I] have to go out. You need a couple good pairs of shoes that go with everything, a great evening bag, a great day bag, and then you have to get rid of the clutter. Do you have a philosophy on balancing family time with other responsibilities? I spend every minute with them on the weekends, happily!

He likes activities. Otherwise our parenting styles are similar. We grew up in New York together and have similar ideas about family and raising children. Four hands are better than two. Art therapy with siblings. Art therapy promotes a comfortable, supportive, and creative environment for children with special needs and their families. Visit us for your next check up and cleaning. Offering comprehensive and personalized dental care for the entire family.

State of the art office using the latest technology. Most major insurance plans accepted. Photos courtesy of Shoshanna Gruss. Any activities in particular you enjoy on the weekends? We go ice skating every weekend. What are your kids like right now? Is Sienna a good big sister? She is so in love with them—she is a great big sister. The twins, they are—from the day they were born—who they are. Angelica is a force to be reckoned with.

She always needs both toys, and both pacifiers. Were you ready for twins? It was a long journey to get there and I think you could have thrown anything at me. Nothing is that bad. Having two new children is just the greatest joy and gift. What would you say to other women expecting twins? I had, and have, really good help. You need someone to relieve you. You need to sleep. Just two cribs, a lot of diapers, and some help! She goes to [the same all-girls private school that I went to].

And Sienna goes to dancing school like Josh and I did. What makes New York a great place to raise a family? New York is the most magnificent city on the planet. We utilize the city… If you use New York in the right way, it can be the most amazing place on earth. We love Chinatown… We go to the Golden Unicorn which is this place where, on Sunday mornings and afternoons, they do the old-school dim-sum where they pass around the carts.

They have different dishes, and some are amazing and some are like… chicken feet. Every day I want to eat better, or sleep better, or be more organized, or whatever it is. A picture is worth a thousand words, a hundred smiles and lots of belly laughs! Art therapy workshops, where work is fun. Art therapy promotes a comfortable, supportive, and creative environment for children with special needs.

Functional, sensory, and social experiences may be safely explored. At Mandell, a love of learning, the development of skills and the pursuit of academic excellence are deeply connected to the love of school and joy of collaborative exploration. By providing a combination of intellectual stimulation and emotional support within a rigourous educational environment, we enable our students to become responsible, active citizens of the world. While some of our favorite venues have fresh new classes for , many others are continuing to highlight their popular picks all the while making them better and better each semester —check out our guide to both inspire resolutions for trying new things, or to help keep your little one building on their existing passions.

Happy Hunting! Ballet Academy East www. Visit newyorkfamily. In this interactive class there will be movement, dancing, parachute time, and bubbles. There will also be an introduction to musical concepts, books, finger puppets, instrument demos, and more. Music is played during all the activities and each minute class ends with fun with bubbles and playing with the parachute. Classes start January 6, Classes start January 27, Their innovative drop-in music programs let you choose which class to attend on your schedule!

Come every day, once a week, or once a month. This 9-week class for tweens and teens combines both text analysis and Meisner Technique. Young actors will partner up with each other and train for the final day of acting in front of agents. Age-appropriate racquets, smaller courts, and slow-bouncing balls make the game more accessible.

Classes start January 11, Trammell Logan, director of dance at Applause, now presents their signature hip-hop class for moms and caregivers! Class begins January 27, Chef Sylvie takes a hands-on approach with her seasonal organic menu, teaching students, ages , to smell mint, shape brioche, and peel rhubarb.

Every class ends with a visit to the petting zoo. They offer a unique approach to art education that brings together videos, audio series, museums and gallery tours, and creative projects. Classes start January 2, In this class students will work with their director to create an original short play featuring a character of their own imagination.

Class starts February 3, Go home each week with new vocabulary and new tunes to enhance communication between you and your www. Children and their parents or caregivers share the joys of dance and music through song and movement. The program provides students with an outstanding opportunity to excel and become fluent in ballet, with an emphasis on technique, creativity, choreography, and performance. They guarantee 45 minutes of fun, effective education, where kids learn words and phrases through music, movement, and puppetry.

They even provide instruments and a take-home CD for each kid attending. Small-groups and individual attention allows participants to acquire Mandarin or Spanish while learning content. The minute classes are capped at six students each and divided into five different ageappropriate levels for ages 1. The pre-school series will offer classes taught with parent participation for children ages months and without for children ages Each class is 30 minutes long and meets twice a week. The Skating School offers both hockey and figure skating programs for kids ages 3 and up, allowing skaters to progress from beginner Learn to Skate classes all the way to the Junior and Elite Prep continued on page Family Memberships For over 60 years families have enjoyed a family friendly resort-like experience right here at home.

The threestory, 10,square-foot facility is located on the Upper East Side in the space which was once the United Artist Theater and has been fully renovated for Fastbreak—making it the first of its kind in NYC. Check them out for a plethora of musical classes for kids. Young designers will learn the fundamental techniques of sewing and how to read patterns. Kids learn about the natural wonders of the world through interactive stories, art projects, science experiments, and more. CMOM educators introduce classroom skills like listening, observing, and developing a love of learning.

Classes start January 28, Hari Om.. Jay swaminarayan miss you so much foi,. James I will always remember your big smile and hugs. My condolences to your family and friends. I have wonderful memories of our high school days. The Gang'81 Forever! My condolences to Theresa's Family and Friends. My boy, I will forever miss you but you will always be in my heart and on my mind, I will forever have an empty space for you.

For all the love, the laughter, the headaches and everything in between. Brendon P. Dear Amita and Mahendra and family, Pramila joins me to convey our condolences and to give you strength to bear the loss of dear mom. My condolences. My thoughts, prayers and love are with your family. Put it in the air and smoke it!.. May God comfort you with his Grace, and carry you in his arms during this sorrowful journey. Tammy b. Dear Kerrie, John and Family, sending healing prayers and comforting hugs, I asked God to help you all through this difficult time, Love You.

Im truly sorry for your lose my prayers to you and your family. May he fly with the wings of an angel. Sending my deepest condolences for your loss. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Sending my love to an amazing family. You will be dearly missed Kevin. My condolences to you and your family.

Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Helping Young Parents and Grandparents Deal with Thorny Issues

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I am truly sorry for your loss. Until we all meet again in Heaven we know that Kevin in a Glorious place with all our loved ones. Forever Kevin will have a place in our prayers and hearts. We will always remember the good times and let the bad ones fade as we wish Kevin would have chosen but now he is with our Lord and Savior so he may continue his journey. Dear Kerrie and family, my heart breaks for you and your family. May your son rest in eternal peace. RIP Jimmy. We always had great times together, a lot of good memories. Prayers to you and your family.

Please accept my condolences during this difficult time. We are so very sorry to hear of your loss. We will be praying that God gives strength to you and your family in the coming days. Our deepest condolences. Roger and Elisa. May God help you through this extremely difficult time. Keeping you all in our prayers. Sean - I haven't seen you or Kellie for many years, but seeing pictures facebook of course brought back so many good memories from back in the day It saddens me knowing that Kellie has left this earth at such a young age.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! May Kellie Rest Peacefully!! Another amazing person gone too soon. You will always be missed. Love you Kell. Our hearts and prayers are with you during this time. We are here for you, Love The Murphy Family. James was a great guy and a hard-worker.

He will be remembered by many and missed by many. My deepest condolences to his friends and family. Teresa, you will be deeply missed. Your bright spirit and sweet smile brought so much joy to our family. We love you very much. Dear Roseanne Jimmy and family There are no words of comfort to help. Just know you are all loved and are surrounded by it. A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on.

May the love of family and friends comfort you during these difficult days, my most heartfelt condolences. James will never be forgotten. You lived for your family and you loved with all of your heart. I will miss you so very much. I love you xxoo. Our prayers are with you during this difficult time. May your memories be forever close to your heart. The world is a darker place without the sunshine of Terry's smile. I pray for comfort for the family and all who share the loss of this precious life. Aunt Diane I will miss you. I have many cherished memories growing up with you. Sending prayers and love to Uncle Frank and Tracy.

Rest In Peace Aunt Diane. I know you are relieved of all the pain you had been suffering. I will always cherish the memories we have. All my child hood memories were at your house. Lexie and I would play in your hall walk in closet for hours! Beloved mother, grandmother and friend. Till we meet again. RIP Sharpie I will always remember the sweet person you were.. Until we meet again Pido a Dios les de resignacion y consuelo por esta gran partida. Un fuerte abrazo Ursula. Siempre estaremos ahi para ustedes.

Los queremos mucho. Kellie was such a wholehearted sweet woman who always lit up the room with her smile. She will greatly be missed. Her memories will remain alive through her family and close friends. My prayers and thoughts are with the Casullo family. She was a wonderful neighbor. I can't believe someone as beautiful as you,heart and soul is gone, My heart is truly broken, Lord watch over Aiden,. BarBara and family I'm so very sorry for your loss I know how much you loved Diane. Remember she'll always be looking down at you with her beautiful smile..

You're all in my prayers. I will truly miss you Sharpie.. You were an amazing friend and I love you dearly. Very sorry for the loss of your Mom. RIP Mom. You were the most wonderful, beautiful mother-in-law anyone could have ever asked for. Wonderful memories will forever be in our hearts. You will always hold a very special place in my heart. You always treated me like I was one of your own. I became a better person because of the love and support you gave me when I needed you most, and I will never forget that. Your love will live on in all the peoples lives you have touched.

Russell was a wonderful man and he loved my niece Stephanie so much, he will truly be missed. RIP I only met him once but he worked for my niece and nephew. Sorry for your loss. May God comfort you at this sad time. Fly with the angels young man!! Aunt Karen, i hope you are watching over us and shaking your head at the messes we make from time to time. Miss ya lots. Save some coffee for me..

Til we meet again. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. He was kind and thoughtful of others. Russell will be truly missed and my heart is weighing heavy with this tragedy. With so much love and prayers. Your our true Angel in heaven. Xoxo xoxo. Truly a remarkable woman! We will greatly miss her, and always smile when we think of her. My heart goes out to Ginny and Chayse and to all that loved Lisa.

I cannot begin to know the sorrow you are feeling. I will miss my yearly Christmas calendar that Lisa was thoughtful enough to send me. May Lisa Rest In Peace. You were such a fighter. I have so many great memories that I will hold on too forever. May you RIP Diane you were loved and will be missed. I love how your face always lit up when asking about my boys. I loved spending time with you since I was a little girl. Because of your love. I will always hold such a special place in my for you. I love you more then words. Love Dawn, Steve and kids.

Your sister was always a source of strength. I love you sis and miss you so much. Heaven had got a special Angel that i will Love Forever. Rest In Peace Aunt Diane, you will be truly missed in our family. Xoxo Forever in our hearts.

When Grandparents Are Backseat Parents

Rest in a peace Sharpie. Stay Gold. This soda Better be diet! That alone would make me smile for the rest of the day. My kids remember watching u do my first tattoo at the ages of 4 and 7 and I have been promising Alyssa I would take her to u this summer for her first tattoo, I wish I would have made more time so she could too could have a sharpie tattoo forever on her body.

I am so grateful and happy that I can look at any of my tattoos and think of u and smile. Oh Sharpie You will live in my heart always and and my back! So many years of history we have and I am so sad this happened. I know your smiling and laughing in heaven and will be forever at peace. Until we meet again, my friend xxooxxoo- Love, Katie. You were always lots of fun to be around and had some great stories.

I will miss you greatly. Honey, You were like a second mom growing up next to you. Neighbors that were and always will be family no matter the distance. Thank you for loving me and yelling at me like I were your own! May you Rest in heavenly peace with Johnny. Give my mommy and daddy kisses lots of them.

My heart and prayers go out to the extended family. Lisa Xoxo. Happy memories, regardless how few. Even a forgetful memory will never forget you. Rest In Peace Sharpie. You were an amazing tattoo artist. Rest well. You will live on in your artwork and through great memories you made. So sorry to hear about your passing. You were amazing and so talented. You will forever be missed. My Condolences to the family.

I hope heaven has better fashion sense now sharpiee Sharp we love u so so much and forever going to miss u and hold u close to our hearts and keep your memory alive I promise!! Sharpie you were and will always by my brother. Armed with those I can tell your stories everyday to everyone. I promise your memory will not be lost. The legend of the savage saint will live on. We love and will miss you. My Dear friend! You will surely be missed by many!

Love you Homie.. Aw our Sweatheart Sharpie.. I called you the Happy Eyes Guy! That Spark it was a beautiful light that we could see at anytime across the room in the dark Now that Spark of light is gone for us! I will make sure the new gen will know your name! In our World you are our Beloved Legend Sharpie! We love you Jason or Beloved Sharpie! Watch your spark spread we all need some!!! Heavily Eyes. Rip my brother you where a great person and truly a talented tattoo artist you will be dearly missed Shirlyn Forever brother!!!

I remember the day your parents brought you home, I was so excited. You were always so cute and funny and lovable. You will be so missed and our family will never be the same without you. Love you always cuz. Sincere condolences from the Ifill family, may God ease your sorrow and bring your family comfort. You were so loving and caring and your presence was always welcoming. You were a true artist and my heart aches for you.

Yet I know you are in a better place and one day you will be with everyone again. Scottish thistle hears me whisper your name Margaret Carolina Scottish thistle growing wild along the lane and again Scottish thistle hears me whisper your name Margaret Carolina Scottish thistle your bloom had to fade and your gone No one will know how much I miss you as I whisper your name Sharpie aka benji to soon my friend hope your up there chillin with Mac rn seeing how much u meant to us all rest easy buddy love you.

My deepest condolences for your loss. My condolences to the family and friends, Sending Blessings too you all From Theresa. Always in my heart, along with the years of memories. P Sharpie. Gone but YOU will never will be forgotten. Thank you for everything. Rest peacefully my friend. Our hearts go out to You and your family for your loss. Know he is at peace and in the loving hands of Our Lord. May God bless you all at your times of sorrow! Glenn, Carolyn and family.

You and your family are in out thoughts. Our deepest condolences to you and your family Kathy!

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We are so sorry we couldn't be there for you on this day, but we are with you in spirit and always in heart! We pray God lays His healing hands on you in the healing process! In Jesus Name we pray, Amen! All our love, Scott, Alice and Bella. Dearest Harte-Kline family, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of our beloved Darlene. Great big boos I going to miss you big men I am your head painter in your shop Big condolences to the family.

Our hearts and prayers are with you Bob and Merlina. RIP Mrs. We know you're now with our Lord God and Mr. I will miss chatting with you and talk about our aches and pains. We love you Mrs. RIP dear friend of our youth. So many wonderful memories of things we shared and did together and with the rest of our peers. Very special good memories of your wedding and being Godmother to your first born. Lillian , you and I were all lucky enough to marry our soulmates and have a good life.

Another piece of my life has moved on. My condolences to all of your family and friends left behind without you. The Master called. He felt your work was done. He wants you to cross over to glory and rest. Goodbye Mary. We'll meet again someday. Our talks and laughter will sorely be missed. Thank you for your time and love. I will miss you but so happy you are with Uncle Carl!!

Love you always. My deepest sympathy and condolences. I know you're happy and in peace now. Rest in Peace Mamita. Cameron D. Sorry to hear of this happening We used to spend a lot of time together as kids, Matt spending time with my aunt, aka your mom. We haven't seen each other in a long time, and I'm very sad we weren't able to. You're in a better place now, my friend. No more pain. Rest in peace, Matthew. Thank you for being the great guy you were. I truly feel blessed to have had her in my life and the love that I felt was like no other. She was like my second mother as she took care of me as a little girl and she also took care of my two young daughters Gabriella and Katia.

She was one of a kind. She will be deeply missed! I love you so much! I miss you already!! Mirian and Tom. Sister was feisty, smart, full of memories, good humor and questions and stories from her firecracker childhood. Rest well, Sister Veronica, I know all your questions have been answered and your service rewarded.

And and thank you for your rich and too-short friendship. My deepest condolences to the Tonyes Family. My thoughts and prayers are with your family in this difficult time. May he Rest In Peace. A tireless, passionate, inspiring crusader for peace, justice and a sustainable environment. Phyllis, you know how I feel.

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace We are consoled by countless fond memories of our dear Uncle. May his memory be eternal! Gaff, words can't explain what you and Diana are feeling. Friends and family will help you get through this, and in time, the pain will ease up. When I would come over for lunch, I would watch you and Aida interact, and knew you were made for each other. I felt the love and respect you had for each other, and I would think to myself I wish I had that going on. My sincere condolences, hang in there, and when you get the blues, reach out to friends and family.

May all your pain and trouble be lost forever. May you find paradise. In the arms of the angle, fly away from this world. Matthew, I will always love you, and I know your watching down over me and so many others. I wish you would have talked to me, just one last time I love you, fly high until we meet again. My dear cousin Bill was gone way too soon.

I love you all and pray God's peace over you. Dear Aunt Pat I wish I could be there but know you've been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. Amazing person and friend. Always knew what advise to give had such a warm heart. Rest easy Matt. My condolences to the piga family, I will have you in my prayers my amigo. Gaffney will be missed. I can sincerely say I enjoyed my relationship with my father in law Tony.

He was a man of great witt who always tried to see the best in everything. A great family man who loved his grandchildren, his children, and especially his Susan; so much that he decided to follow her shortly after her own passing. We love you Dad! We lost touch for some time but reconnected recently at work.

You had such big plans and had the power to become your goals. Dee was the most beautiful compassionate person I have ever met. I am so sorry Tom and all her family for your huge loss. My prayers are for you! RIP beautiful Dee! You will forever be missed and remembered rest easy piga.

We were such good friends ,always did things four each together ,always there for what we needed. He will be missed greatly. So sorry for you and your family. I met him only once and he was a great man. Rest in peace Matt, ill always remember the good old days riding our bikes and walking around the neighborhood.

Matthew, You will be greatly missed by us. You will always have a place in our thoughts. You will be there always smiling. Rest in peace, Love, Frank and Ray. Rest easy buddy. My Matthew! I love you more than you will ever know. You were my bestfriend and like an Uncle to my boys. We will miss going to parks, ice cream dates and toy shopping with you. I hope you are finally out of pain and at peace. We miss you Matthew. We are so sort for the loss of such a young life. We will forever hold you in our prayers.

May God bless all of you at this time. I love you Matthew. You will be truly missed by everyone, you were such a selfless soul. Rest easy now brother, you may be gone but I will see you later. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this difficult time. Words can not explain the sorrow and pain I feel for the loss of your son. Matt will be greatly missed. My deepest condolences to all that loved Darielle.

She was such a sweet person. May God watch over your boys. She was the sweetest woman! I'm so sorry for your loss I didn't know her well, but what I did know of her was that she always had a smile on her face, love in her heart, and a kind word for all. A beautiful person inside and out I only had a few years with you in Florida but we stayed in touch and I saw all the amazing things you did. Oh gosh Kim and family. You all are in my prayers. Please let me know if you need anything.