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They were probably carried on rafts down rivers, then dragged overland by teams of men and oxen. It's believed that the stones were placed on giant wooden sledges and pulled along the ground using log rollers. The builders dug deep ditches for the stones. Then they pulled on ropes to raise them and packed the ditches with rocks to hold the stones in place. Why did the ancient Britons build such a massive monument at Stonehenge? What exactly went on at this sacred site? Some people think that Stonehenge was used to study the movements of the Sun and Moon.

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Stone circles: 10 staggering standing-stones on screen

Other people think it was a place of healing. The ancient Britons believed that the Sun and Moon had a special power over their lives. Many experts believe that Stonehenge was used for funerals. They suggest that people carried the dead along the River Avon, and then walked up to Stonehenge in a grand procession. Stonehenge is just one of hundreds of stone circles that have been found in Britain. During the early Bronze Age, circles built from stone or wood played a very important part in the religious life of the British people.

Avebury is actually three circles in one! Two rings of standing stones stand inside a much bigger structure, known as the Great Circle.

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When it was completed in the early Bronze Age, there were around stones in the Great Circle. Woodhenge is just two miles away from Stonehenge.

Drombeg Stone Circle

It was a circular structure made up of wooden posts. There is evidence that animal sacrifices were performed at Woodhenge. There may even have been some human sacrifices, too. Today, only 27 stones are left standing, but when it was built in the early Bronze Age it had 60 standing stones. Seahenge was uncovered on the Norfolk coast in Seahenge was originally built on marshes close to the sea. Bronze Age people probably gathered here for funerals. You really go to great pains to describe different settings that Antonius explores throughout the novel, from the city streets of the Palazzo, to the caves and fields where the rituals are done.

Did your background as an artist influence the historic setting in any way? I like to read novels that give me sensory and visual detail so the story plays out like a movie in my mind. MR: While at its core, Stone Circle is very much a historical fiction novel that discusses class differences and lifestyles during the Renaissance, there are elements of fantasy and romance as well.

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Although it can be argued that the fantasy elements draw heavily off of spiritual and scientific pursuits practiced during the time period. Did you always intend for Stone Circle to be a cross genre work? I remember wanting it to be a novel that had wide appeal, across ages and gender. Beyond that, I wanted to tell a story where the fantasy elements were grounded in reality.

Standing Stones & Stone Circles in Scotland | VisitScotland

To that end, it was fortuitous that alchemy was being practiced at that time in Italy. MR: One of the things that I absolutely loved about Stone Circle , aside from the love triangle, was the use of alchemy and the art of seeing as a form of magic, as they really felt relevant to the time period. There are a lot of historical fantasy novels that incorporate more popular forms of magic, such as spell casting or time travel, instead. What inspired you to write the fantasy elements of the novel?

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Did you always intend for them to be realistic in comparison to the time period? KM: It was originally inspired by a dream I had, of two young men and an old man rowing in a canoe on a calm, glassy stretch of water. At that point, all I knew was that the old man was teaching them wisdom of some kind and the time period was long ago.

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Through research, I pinpointed alchemy as reaching a pinnacle during the Renaissance in Italy, so this gave me a clear direction for the story. I did want it to be as realistic as possible, and I think the scientific aspects of alchemy do give it more weight and grounding. For instance, when Savinus lights a fire as part of alchemical rituals or distills healing liquid. There is an earthiness to the practices that was intentional. MR: As an author that has written in a variety of different mediums now, from flash fiction and short stories to novels, do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

KM: I would recommend writing as many short stories as possible, to find a voice and work out what themes interest them the most. To persevere and overcome self-doubt by realizing that writers succeed by repetition.

The History of Stonehenge for Kids: Stonehenge for Children - FreeSchool

Sitting down and typing, mining their experiences, over and over again. Then having the courage to show the results to others. Most importantly, having the courage to fail and be vulnerable. There will always be ups and downs, winning and losing. MR: Going off of that, are there any book recommendations that you could give us, whether it be something you read and recently enjoyed, or something that you are looking forward to reading in the future? MR: We recently learned that you are going to be publishing your next novel, The Orange Grove , in Can you tell us anything more about your next work of historical fiction?

It explores ambiguity within morality, obsession and madness. Against the rich backdrop of the French court a black mass takes place, poison is procured and a duel is fought. Alliances and divisions occur in a society where spiritualism is as common as lavish banquets, and status is a matter of life and death.